Roblin’s Maple Syrup

499 County Road 35, Picton
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At Roblins Maple Syrup we produce quality pure maple syrup using a mix of traditional methods and modern equipment. We take pride in producing quality pure maple syrup and products to suit every taste bud year round.

Phil’s passion for maple started in his younger years and at the age of 10 with the help of his family he tapped 30 maple trees on his parents property. Throughout his childhood his passion never died and spent many years at Wilhome Farms, producing and perfecting the art of maple syrup with Justin, owner of Justin’s Maple Syrup.

In his mid-teens, 2005, Phil established Roblin’s Maple Syrup with 250 taps on buckets along the picturesque shores of Long Reach in Prince Edward County. In the years since with the help of his long time girlfriend and now wife Brittany, the pair have expanded their small scale hobby operation into a small business. In 2012, many of the upgrades commenced, trading up from a small 2 x 6 wood fired evaporator to 2.5 x 12 evaporator to accommodate the expanding number of maple taps in the sugar bush and new pipeline.

In 2014, an opportunity came available to expand and tap another sugar bush located on the original parcel of the old Hambly farm, owned by Phil’s aunt Margaret. With this new opportunity, Phil and Brittany made the investment to upgrade their current evaporator to a Dominion and Grimm combination wood/wood pellet fired evaporator to optimizes energy efficiency, save on wood burning and increase boiling rate. This unit was the first of its kind sold by Dominion and Grimm in Ontario.

An addition of a reverse osmosis unit was added for the 2017 season and has keep the pair busy during this off season. This modern equipment removes approximately 75% of water from the raw sap. The combination of these two key pieces of equipment is paramount for optimizing energy efficiency as it increases boiling rates by 20%, and wood savings of over 25%.

Currently, the couple tap approximately 1100 maple trees using a vacuum tubing system. The couple express that without the help of a number of family members, the operation wouldn’t run as smoothly.

Phil, Brittany and family invite you to come share their passion, tour around the sugar shack and observe how the sap is transformed into liquid gold that will tantalize your taste buds.