Vader’s Maple Syrup

1260 Cty. Rd. 18, Cherry Valley | 613-476-7537

vaders_exteriorVader’s maple syrup bottles are a familiar sight in County shops, restaurants and supermarkets, but many customers still prefer to go to the Vader’s farm on Cty Rd #18 to buy their syrup in a wide variety of sizes and containers.

 In 1910, Amos Vader with his family moved to Prince Edward County from Coe Hill near Bancroft.  Amos bought the farm on the south side of East Lake with aspirations of producing maple syrup with the farms impressive sugarbush. Using the existing sugar shack on the property the family tapped 400 trees and boiled the sap with a flat pan.

 Clarence, son of Amos, and grandson Arnold would eventually take over the dairy farm and continue producing maple syrup. Arnold, Mary, and their seven children carried on the maple tradition and continued gathering and boiling sap. For the past thirty years Arnold’s son Todd, has been perfecting the maple syrup craft and currently runs the syrup production while working on the dairy farm and selling maple equipment and supplies.  Todd with his wife Susan and other family members help with workload during the busy maple season.  

The Vader’s tap 2800 trees in their sugar bush and use a tubing and vacuum system to gather the sap. In the sap house, a reverse osmosis system removes some of the water from the sap before boiling begins in the 3 foot by 14 foot high efficiency evaporator. In every aspect of the maple production, from maintaining a healthy sugar bush to proper bottling procedures, Todd and Susan take pride in using best management practices to produce a high quality maple product for the consumer.


Maple in the County weekend is a great time to connect with nature and celebrate the first crop of the year.  Todd and Susan invite you to come share their passion for maple syrup and experience the rich tradition and history of maple syrup production.

Hand crafted pure maple products such a maple butter, maple leaves, stirred granulated maple sugar and taffy are available for purchase.

Vader’s Maple Highlights:

  • 1910  Vader family taps 400 tree and boils on a flat pan
  • 1962  New sap house built and wood fired 4 x 14  Dominion & Grimm Lightning evaporator
  •  1989  New high efficiency 4 x 14 Small Brothers evaporator installed
  •  2000  Vacuum and tubing system added to operation
  •  2008  New stainless steel welded pan and steam-away system added
  •  2011  Inducted into Quinte Local Maple Hall of Fame
  •  2014  Reverse Osmosis system added
  •  2015  Toronto Royal Winter Fair:  Premier Exhibitor Award and First Prize for Maple Butter Entry
  •  2017  New 3 x 14 High Efficiency Dominion &  Grimm Evaporator installed