Nyman Farms

292 Mowbray Road, Picton, Ontario, 613-476-6120

Nymanphoto_000Every March, as John’s parents farmed, he could be found in the sugarbush. Just 12-years old when he built his first sugar shack, today JC Nyman Farms can proudly say it has more than 20 years of maple syrup experience under its belt. Starting out with 40 plastic ice cream buckets 20 years ago, Nyman Farms today has 900 taps mostly on pipeline with a few on buckets. Boiling is done in the farm yard sugar shack on a newer high efficiency wood fired evaporator.

John’s picturesque 78 acre farm (located just outside Picton) is ethical, sustainable and animal-friendly. Its mix of productive farm- and pasture-land allow John to produce the very best grass fed lamb, pork, beef, eggs, free-range chickens and turkeys you’ll ever eat.

John maintains an open door policy, encouraging visitors to peek in every nook and cranny to see for themselves that the farm is a happy and healthy place to raise the animals. During Maple in the County don’t be surprised if it’s a riot of adorable lambs bounding around in the barn!


This year, visit John’s farmyard sugar shack and watch him turn sap into syrup in his high-efficiency wood-fired evaporator. Bring the kids for an afternoon in the sand box, in the yard, or a play date in the barn with the new lambs, chickens, pigs and the baby jersey calves, while mom and dad enjoy a delicious maple pork sausage on a bun or a hearty bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup.

JC Nyman Farms

  • Started in 1993 with 40 taps
  • 1994 built sugar house, used cherry pails to gather sap, boiled down on a Grimm syrup pan
  • at age 15 in 1996 he had a used 2X6 Dominion & Grimm evaporator, installed tubing
  • 2011 new evaporator and now has 900 taps